A few comments from those who were there.


hero9.jpg Hello Pat. My name is Dan Potter. I am the firefighter sitting on the bench "some gave all...". I was in both collapses. The photo was taken about an hour after the second collapse where I was unsure of the fate of my wife Jean, who was on the 81st floor of the first tower that was struck. Happily, our story has a happy ending, we both survived, I survived both collapses. Our story is in the book by Dennis Smith "Report from Ground Zero". My wife and I have been doing free lectures about our experience that day, I would love to open our lecture with "Remember the Blood of Heroes". If possible could you please let me know where I may be able to get a copy of the CD-rom? I worked regularly with Greg Saucedo. I was the senior man in Ladder 5 where we both worked and studied for promotion together. He was some character, great guy.
hero7.jpg Firefighter Mike Bellantoni at the base of the World Trade Center. As many as 200 firefighters lost their lives in the rescue effort. Matthew McDermott / Corbis Sygma