[Capt. Frank Callahan]
Name: Capt. Frank Callahan

Residence: United States

Occupation: Captain, Fire Department New York
Ladder 35

Location: World Trade Center

About: Frank Callahan checked to make sure his daughter Nora was OK before he headed down to the World Trade Center from his midtown firehouse on Sept. 11. She was safe, his son Harry told him. She wasn't working at her part-time job in the WTC that day. The family thought their father, a tough, 28-year veteran of the department, would be safe as well, but Callahan was lost in the terrorist attack that destroyed the Twin Towers. He is survived by his wife, Angela, and their four children, Harry, 22; Nora, 20; Peter, 16; and Rosie, 13. He was 51.

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