Me in New York June 2002 I am Patricia de Jong, born and raised in the Netherlands and 36 years old.

September 11th 2001.

I was making a website about online police and fire scanners and I had just added the FDNY scanner. Then my neighbor knocked at my door and said. “You must watch the TV, quick!!!”
So I turned on the television...... Then I said to her "Listen that must be a new movie,” but It was not. When I realized that it was the truth it broke my heart.....

So many innocent people died that day and many families and friends lost their loved ones.

I was thinking what I could do for these families. I considered many possibilities but decided that making memorial websites would be the most appropriate.

 This FDNYLODD website is dedicated to ALL victims of 9/11.

And next year I want to have all 343 Fire-fighters listed on this website!

When you have any information for me about these brave men please feel free to Contact me.

Also I am looking for people who can help me with this website. Right now I am doing this on my own.

Also people who want to have a banner on this website can Contact me.